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Business and Finance

Sid Albaugh - Chief Business Official

Jingle de Lange  - Fiscal Technician

Denise Malito  - Accounting Technician

Renee Hedden  - Coordinating Kitchen Manager



2017-18 2nd Interim Budget

2017-18 2nd Interim Budget Presentation

2017-18 1st Interim Budget

2017-18 1st Interim Budget Presentation

2017-18 Adopted Budget

2017-18 Adopted Budget Presentation



2016-17 Unaudited Actuals

2016-17 3rd Interim Budget

2016-17 2nd Interim Budget

2016-17 2nd Interim Budget Presentation (3-9-17 mtg)

2016-17 1st Interim Budget

2016-17 1st Interim Budget Presentation (12-8-16 mtg)

2016-17 Adopted Budget



2015-16 Unaudited Actuals

2015-16 3rd Interim Budget

2015-16 2nd Interim Budget

2015-16 1st Interim Budget

2015-16 June Adopted Budget

2015-16 Adopted Budget Presentation



2014-15 1st Interim Budget

2014-15 1st Interim BOT Presentation (12-11-14 mtg)

2014-15 EPA (Planned) Annual Report (BOMUSD & ARCS)

2014-15 EPA (Actuals) Annual Report (BOMUSD & ARCS)



2013-14 Unaudited Actuals Report

2013-14 2nd Interim Budget

2013-14 1st Interim Budget

2013-14 June Adopted Budget

2013-14 EIA Annual Report (SB 754)

2013-14 EPA Annual Report



2012-13 Unaudited Actuals Report 

2012-13 2nd Interim Budget

2012-13 1st Interim Budget

Annual Budget 2012-13

2012-13 EIA Annual Report (SB 754)


Other Information

Budget Advisory Committee Information

Budget Presentation: Our Current Situation (PDF)

National School Lunch and School Breakfast Program 

Facility Use Fee Schedule