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Facility Use Fee Schedule

Intent of Fees:  The primary intent of the Board of Trustees in establishing a usage fee schedule is to recover at least the direct costs of providing additional services to organizations and individuals who chose to rent District facilities for individual or organizational use. School-sponsored organization, whose activities are directly related to or for the benefit of district schools shall be granted free use of facilities.
In the event the fees have been paid and the activity is cancelled or bumped by a school-sponsored activity and no alternate date can be arranged, the fees will be refunded.
The administration of facilities and their usage shall be in accordance with the Civic Center Act and Board Policy/Administration Regulation 1330 (d). The following fee schedule will apply to eligible groups, Class I-IV, with priority for use in the order listed on AR 1330 (d). For private entities and activities, Class V-VI, fair rent is equal to double the rates below plus insurance and deposits.
Fields               Security Deposit 
    2 Hours1    4 Hours     Day Use    (refundable)
  Stadium Field (without lights)2 $100   $320   $560   $300
  Stadium Field (with lights) $125   $400   $700   $300
                 Security Deposit  
    2 Hours1    4 Hours     Day Use    (refundable)
  Golden Sierra Softball Field $30   $50   $100   $100
  Golden Sierra Baseball Field $30   $50   $100   $100
  Golden Sierra Lower Practice Field $30   $50   $100   $100
  Georgetown Baseball Field $30   $50   $100   $100
  Northside Baseball Field $30   $50   $100   $100
  Field of Dreams $30   $50   $100   $100
  District Baseball Field $30   $50   $100   $100
School Sites2              Security Deposit  
    2 Hours1    4 Hours     Day Use    (refundable)
  Parking Lots $25   $45   $80   $200
  Classroom $60   $90   $120   $200
  Library $60   $90   $120   $200
  Kitchen3 $40   $65   $115   $250
  Golden Sierra MPR $80   $130   $225   $200
  Golden Sierra Gym $80   $130   $225   $250
  Golden Sierra Locker Room $80   $95   $160   $200
  Georgetown Gym/MPR $50   $80   $140   $200
  Georgetown Annex $50   $80   $140   $200
  Georgetown Amphitheater $50   $80   $140   $200
  Northside Gym/MPR $50   $80   $140   $200
1Rates are based on a 2 hour minimum              
2Requires a Black Oak Mine USD custodian staff member at all events          
3Requires a Black Oak Mine USD kitchen staff member at all events            
4Charging of custodial fees will be based on the day of the week and time of the events      
Rates will double for holiday & Sunday usage              
Proof of liability insurance is required for all groups              
              BOT Adopted 4/11/13