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Enrollment Process: Black Oak Mine Unified School District

Welcome to the Black Oak Mine Unified School District!  We are pleased to have you join our educational community!  To enroll your children at a school in the district here is how you can go about doing so!

Identify your school:  Find out which school your child should attend plus additional details by entering your zip code, school name, or city.

1)  Attendance Boundaries:  Identify where you live in relationship to the district attendance boundaries.  If you are unsure,you can e-mail us at or call us at 530-333-8300 and we'll be happy to help!

2)  Students in Grades 7-12:  If your child is in grades 7-12, then contact Golden Sierra Junior Senior High School and make arrangements to register your child.  If they have participated in alternative programs in the past, such as independent study, Continuation High School or Community Day School programs, this is still the first step in the Black Oak Mine Unified School District.  We want to have a qualified counselor review their records and determine the most appropriate placement for your student.  They can be reached at 530-333-8330.

3)  Students in Grades K-6:  If your child is in grades K-6, then contact either Northside School or Georgetown School depending upon where you live and make arrangements at either of those schools to register your child.  If you wish to consider Otter Creek School, a K-5 necessary small school (approximately 26 students), then you can contact them as well, however, space there is typically very limited, and priority is given to students who reside in the area.  If you are interested in a K-6 Independent Study program, or your child has been involved in a Community Day School program, it is important to notify the school at the time you register.  You can reach Northside School at 530-333-8355, or Georgetown School at 530-333-8320.  

4)  Schedule an appointment:  After you determine which school is most appropriate for your children, and you have scheduled an appointment to register them at the school, please be sure to bring the following paperwork with you to your appointment:

  • Birth Certificate, or legally allowable alternative
  • Proof of Residency - rental agreement, mortgage statement, PGE bill, or letter from the property owner.  While many districts require multiple proofs of residency, at this time we only require one.
  • Name and city of your child's previous school (if any).
  • Personal information such as any health issues, doctor's name and contact information as well as participation in any special programs such as Gifted and Talented Programs, Special Education, Speech, etc.

5) Placement of students:   Complete the registration paperwork either at the school or at home and return the paperwork to the school office.  Please note, students will not start school the day they are registered.  Typically, we like to notify their new teacher that they will be arriving, so that the teacher will have materials and a desk available for the student.  We are usually able to place students the next day following the completion of their enrollment paperwork.  If for some reason we are unable to accomplish that, parents will be notified.

6)  Transportation:  Determine how your child will get to school.  If your child is attending their neighborhood school, transportation is available for a fee.  If your child is attending a school other than their neighborhood school, such as Independent Study, then transportation becomes the responsiblity of the parent. 

7)  Visit the school:  Before your child starts at their new school, we encourage parents to visit the school after hours to walk the campus, find their new classrooms, and to help familiarize their child/ren with their new school.  For children entering kindergarten, we have Kindergarten "camp" available to assist with their orientation.  Space for Kindergarten Camp is limited.  Contact your local school for more details.

8)  Volunteer:  Finally, after your child begins school, we strongly encourage parental involvement.  A recommended level of involvement is a minimum of 20 hours per year.  Contact your child's teacher about how you can volunteer, or get involved in Parent Clubs, or School Site Council.  Also, be sure to attend Back to School Night as key information is shared by your child's teacher at these meetings.  Mark your calendars for parent conference week which happens in the fall as well.

Finally, enjoy your school year!  If concerns arise, please contact your child's teacher for assistance in solving them.  We are here to help!