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Program Improvement

The Federal Government requires Districts and individual schools to make Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP). The percentage of students required to be proficient has increase every year--by 2014 100% of students are required to be proficient.

If a school or District does not make the percentage goal of AYP for two consecutive years, they begin what is known as Program Improvement (PI).  Georgetown School began PI last year and Northside School began PI this year.

Note: Georgetown School sent out information to eligible parents earlier this school year regarding how to access Supplemental Educational Services.  The school will be opening another enrollment window soon.  Look here for information, refer to the Georgetown website, and be sure to open your mail from Georgetown School.

For more information on PI, see the following:

Calfornia Department of Education information on Program Improvement

List of Educational Service Providers (this applies to Georgetown School only; they are in PI Year 3)